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Fall of Hale

For all your non-canon Jasper and Rosalie needs!

Fall of Hale
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Welcome to fallofhale, where we celebrate all things Jasper and Rosalie!

I. All posts must be relevant to one or more of the following: Jasper, Rosalie, Jasper/Rosalie, non-canon Jasper pairings, non-canon Rosalie pairings. (This means no Jasper/Alice or Emmett/Rosalie. It's not that we don't like them, it's just that they're fairly popular and have their own well-stocked communities.) That said...

II. Discussion and opposing opinions are fine, but above all you must respect your fellow fan. That means this is not the battleground for your ship wars. Example: If you devoutly ship Jasper/Edward and think Jasper/Rosalie is sick and you just can't keep it to yourself, go post your fic somewhere else! We don't need it, and with that attitude we certainly don't want it.

III. Please post all fic, graphics, et cetera behind an LJ-Cut. Preview images and headers are fine!

IV. Please tag your entries using the existing mod-created tags! If you feel a new tag needs to be added, just ask a mod!

V. Please ask a moderator's permission before advertising your community, event, or RPG. You can message them, and they don't bite anyone but Jasper.


fallofhale is gladly accepting affiliates whose communities pertain to one more of the following: Jasper, Rosalie, Jasper/Rosalie, Jasper/Alice, Emmett/Rosalie, and non-canon pairings! Just message whomever or roannaweenie!

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